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The Ambassador for Detroit (Fine Art Print) - 20in x 32in

The Ambassador for Detroit (Fine Art Print) - 20in x 32in

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“The Ambassador for Detroit” is an art piece that captures a person who acts as a representative or promoter for Detroit wherever he/she is. Embodied in the artwork you will find elements that reflect the history of the city. The Ambassador is raising his arm with a clutched fist mimicking the dedicated monument to famed boxer Joe “The Brown Bomber” Louis located in downtown Detroit at Hart Plaza. On the right-hand ring finger is an insignia ring with the seal of Detroit in gold. Almost every part of his attire represents Detroit, his “D” jacket is covering most of his t shirt that reads Motor City, EST. 1701, Detroit, Michigan and his cap has the Spirit of Detroit on the back of it. The Ambassador Bridge is the backdrop, which is the largest and busiest international suspension crossing bridge in North America.

Every limited-edition print will include the hand written title, print number 1 through 313, and the artist’s signature. The quantity of limited-edition prints has significance. 313 represents the area code of Detroit. The 20"x 32" fine art archival pigment print will be on high quality art paper. All prints will have a 0.5-inch border around the image.

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