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Through the Valley (Fine Art Print) - 16.5in x 26.5in

Through the Valley (Fine Art Print) - 16.5in x 26.5in

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This design is inspired by Little Rock 9 & Bible Chapter Psalm 23. On 9/23/1957 the students entered Little Rock’s Central High School with protection due to hateful resistance. The artwork depicts an image of one of the Little Rock 9 students surrounded by a hateful mob that represents death. The National Guard in the background represents an angel, as long as they were present death is but a shadow it can’t touch them. The artist also shares commonality with the title, his date of birth is 9/23.

Every limited-edition print will include the handwritten title, print number 1 through 57, and the artist’s signature. The fine art archival pigment print will be on high quality art paper. All prints will have a 0.5-inch border around the image.

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